Alexander Wang x H&M – The BEST collaboration to date?

After a first look at Alexander Wang’s H&M collaboration I think you’ll agree that this may be THE BEST collaboration to date. Bearing in mind H&M has in the past produced collections with some pretty big names,Versace and Isabel Marant to name but a few, this is no small feat.

Alexander-Wang2_1 Alexander-Wang-HM_0

There have of course been other notable collaborations between high-street brands, such as my personal favourite, Riri for River Island, and 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, but none of them have gotten me quite as excited as Alexander Wang for H&M. November 6 cannot come soon enough. Here’s a few reasons why:


Boxing gloves? Not to go all fangirl on you all but I DIE. There could not be anything more kickass than these glorious gloves in the collection – £39.99


Always a yes to a cropped sweatshirt – £34.99image-3

Staying true to his sporty clean aesthetics with a casual tee – £34.99image-4

A sports bra top? I’m game! – £27.99

My tomboy side is totally lusting these sporty basketballesque shorts – £29.99image-6

You cannot ever have too much leather in your wardrobe – £179.99image-7

Leggings are an everyday staple for us girls and these ones ooze laid-back cool – £34.99image-8

Neoprene bikinis are still majorly cool incase you needed to be reminded – £34.99


A tribute to the Alexander Wang Freja Open Toe Laced Zip Booties – £149.99


Grey is my favourite colour to wear so this sweatshirt is WAY UP on my to-buy list – £34.99jtq4r8nnub9ezoz3pche

Nothing cooler than walking into your yoga class with an Alexander Wang yoga mat. Namaste bitches – $69.95lxlyoefqwfscxhqf55jaA leather rucksack is just one of those things that gets you unreasonably excited. Or is that just me? – $249bycxozpanybf4mpjs8dpI want an Alexander Wang rucksack and nobody can stop me – $149




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