Manebi – Leopard Espadrilles

Growing up I never imagined myself as the type who’d ever wear anything leopard printed. The Stifler’s mom cougar print just wasn’t my style. Now in my twenties, I’ve realised I should avoid saying “I’ll never wear…” because more than likely I’ll be wearing said item a few months later and will have to eat my words (ugh). I did exactly that with skinny jeans, saying they made all women seem like they have pregnancy hips, I now wear skinny jeans about 80% of the time. The same goes for Birks, Isabel Marant trainers and many more things a fashion conscious girl like myself would care to admit. photo

I always considered leopard print slutty and just too darn loud for my minimal fashion tastes, however with calf hair being used on everything from bags to shoes I am now OBSESSED with all things leopard. I love incorporating interesting textures into my outfits and recently bought the most comfortable yet bang on trend (hard combo to find) Manebi leopard calf hair espadrilles. I bought these from a store in Russia (real dedication) because Net-a-porter sent me five, yes five, faulty pairs and they were sold out everywhere else. They’re such beauts and I love love LOVE that they are really soft and easy to just slip into. They were absolutely worth going the extra mile to hunt down. So much so that I am now eyeing Manebi’s black calf hair espadrilles too! I recently wore the leopard ones to a meeting in town teamed up with my go-to Topshop boyfriend blazer, a comfy graphic tee and American Apparel leather leggings and everybody commented on how stunning they were. What do you reckon, yay or nay?





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