LoveBox Love Fest

I’m not one for going to music festivals but having been dragged to EDC last year (and thoroughly enjoying it) I have become more open to such outdoor messy activities. So last weekend I was at LoveBox. I spent most of my time eating, whereas everybody else was there to enjoy cool artists such as Nas and MIA.IMG_9818I decided to dress casually and tied my grey McQueen skull scarf around my head as a headband (flower crowns are kind of out now ladies) and left my hair au naturel . I had smartly opted (or so I thought) to wear my grey converse with a simple white tank and denim H&M cutoffs but as it turned out it was so hot that I wish I had gone nekked instead.

IMG_9800My girl Soph is to blame for our LoveBox shenanigans although I am solely for all the fun food I stuffed myself with (and forcefully her too). However all that greediness did lead us to discover THE BEST new hotdog place called Popdogs. And although Poppy Delevingne does not own it, they do taste extremely good. Based in Camden Lock,  they have three kickass varieties of ‘dawgs’ all of which have pretty funky names.IMG_9801 I went for the beef option called Dirty Dog and was promptly handed pink gloves because like it’s name, the dog was extremely dirty (imagine a toddler trying to feed themselves for the first time). Sophia opted for Clinton’s Lovechild, which “would have Monica coming back for seconds” *ahem*.imageIMG_9843

All in all it was a pretty darn fun way to spend my Saturday. There were some bizarre tutu dressed trees and a giant disco ball where we sought shade from the extremely hot sun and a faint waft of weed in the air… The effect to say the least was a pretty calming and joyful one.


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