Blinged out hipster Sundays in Camden

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The upside of me not drinking coffee is that I don’t get caffeine withdrawals. However, I know how seriously people take their morning cup o’joe and so I’ll let you in on this little gem; Camden Coffee House. It’s cool, intimate, has outdoor seating and best of all does THE GREATEST (I am not exaggerating) apple pie ever! In fact it was so good that we ordered two in quick succession.

Camden, for you none London folk, is the centre of alternative culture in London, be it punk, goth, hippie or emo, and it’s also where Amy Winehouse was from. Since it’s known to be accepting of all variations of fashion, and seeing as I was in a playful mood, I decided to experiment with my weekend look. Despite having a less is more approach when it comes to jewellery, this Sunday I decided I would swing the other way and make like a blinged out hipster.

The privilege of playing this kind of dress-up comes easy when you have a friend who’s the Marketing Manager at accessories heaven Boticca (lucky me). As you can see I thoroughly enjoyed myself and might have gotten a little carried away. The best part of all this was that although I’m quite awkward and camera-shy, nobody even batted an eyelid when we took these pictures which made making this post really enjoyable… I really should do this more often! What do you reckon?

Outfit details:

Bowler hat: H&M

Crop velvet top: Rihanna for River Island (old)

Pigeon foot pendant: Tesse Metcalfe at Boticca

Fuck off stamped heart pendant: Tevin Vincent Designs at Etsy

Razor leather wrap bracelet: McQ Alexander McQueen at Net-a-porter

Horse’s Mane Bangle: Elyona at Boticca

Conquer ring: EA Burns at Boticca

YSL Artsy ring: Saint Laurent at Net-a-porter (old)

Soho Disco Bag: Gucci


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