Lust List: Zara lurvin’

I’ve recently realised that there is one brand that seems to dominate most of my wardrobe and shoe closet space. Zara, my quick fix, guilty pleasure, and severe addictionOnce spotted, I cannot seem to simply walk away from a Zara store without going inside. Being an avid online shopper I usually already know what they have in-store and the trending pieces of their current season, but still it draws me in, much like Augustus Gloop to Willy Wonka’s chocolate river.

The fact that Zara has such speedy turnover in terms of its new season pieces ensures you can never be bored or miss out on a look from the runway. The brand does fantastic takes on luxury designer’s latest designs and lets us, the common folk, partake in the fashion facade (pardon the pun).

If you’re happily oblivious to what’s going on in the world of fashion or what the colour of the season is, you need only walk into a Zara store or scan through their online lookbook to be swiftly clued into the current ‘it’ look.

I myself am currently obsessing over all things white and of course shoes. Oh how I LOVE shoes (said every woman that ever lived). I must confess I am a major shopaholic shoeaholic. Just last month I bought 7 pairs of shoes and let’s not even get into how many I purchased in the month of January (it was well into double digits). But let me stop my rambling/ never-ending praise of Zara now and just show you my favourite pieces from their latest collection. Enjoy!

Zara lust list


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