Lust List: Jennifer Zeuner

Currently on my lust list is a lot of bling. Now I’m no J-Lo, I find it hard to carry off lots jewellery and instead prefer subtler statement pieces. Usually if I’m wearing earrings, I won’t be wearing a necklace or rings and vice versa. However I only ever like few select jewellery designers and my current favourite is Jennifer Zeuner. Seen on the likes of Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, Beyonce and even the Olsens this is one designer every girl needs to know.

She’s got lots of different pieces in her collection and caters to wide variety of tastes. Chic and minimalist for the cool girl is how I see her brand. I personally have my eye on the cursive nameplate ring. Nothing says blinged up street style than a gold vermeil ring saying Minni *drool*. This want of the personalised ring has now become a major NEED!

But if that’s too in your face then feast your eyes on these babies. Perhaps something might catch your eye for a certain *ahem* day of love coming up (hint hint).


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