Fashion Find: sparkling glitter mist

Like any girl, I am obsessed with all things sparkly. And in case you haven’t heard, January has been a major shopaholic month for me. I have literally shopped like the world is about to end. My latest makeup addition is The Bodyshop’s The Sparkler. It comes in two different shades, Dazzling Copper and Enchanting Gold (I know right? Even the names are magical).

What I love about these limited-edition atomisers is that they’re so retro and have a poofy thing that I know all us girls have a childhood obsession with. The poof releases a fine shimmery powder that you can use to highlight your face, body and hair.


Copper was my pick between the two because it’s bronzy and you can spray it into blow-dried hair and the teeny weeny sparkles catch the light and make you look like you belong on the red-carpet but without being overly dramatic.

I like to spray it on my décolletage and the result is absolutely dreamy. The major plus point of The Sparkler is the subtlety, the sparkly bits aren’t big and clunky and therefore doesn’t scream disco ball. Give it a try, we all want to look like bronzed goddesses. Plus there’s currently 40% off at The Bodyshop including an extra on current sale items (I kid you not), so hurry over to their site before somebody else (I mean me), bags all those scrumptious products.

Here are some codes for your online shopping pleasure:

  • 40% Off plus Free standard delivery when you spend £5 promotional code. Code: FINAL
  • 3 for the price of 2 on Skin and Make Up. Code: BEAUTY

The Body Shop UK


2 thoughts on “Fashion Find: sparkling glitter mist

    • Right? How awesome is it to hear 40% off including sale items! 🙂 I prefer to beat the rush and shop online. Let me know which of The Sparklers you end up getting

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