Gonna party like it’s my….

Friday the 4th was my birthday (yay). I was lucky enough to spend the day doing what I do best, shop with my sister. In the evening we had a small intimate dinner with close friends at my favourite restaurant. Having decided on keeping things simple this year I chose to wear a Topshop khaki coloured tunic as a dress. It’s not the brightest shade out there so I wore a contrasting statement necklace from Zara to add some colour. London unfortunately is still a tad bit chilly so I thought opting for my peep-toe booties was a smart move. They showed enough of my necklace matching red pedicure but also gave me an extra six inches of height without the frostbite. Finally I got my gorgeous antique gold DVF clutch to tie the whole look together. Hope you like the result!



bday outfit


46151_10151167886212047_1290014306_n 268457_10151167909247047_958840550_n 735058_10151167887782047_352331447_n


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