Less Meat more Liquor

Everyone has that one skinny friend who eats like a greedy pig but never seems to gain any weight. In our circle of friends that person is me. Don’t get me wrong I do love food but by no means am I claiming to be a connoisseur.

That been said, I was super excited when a girlfriend suggested we try a burger place she’d heard about off of Oxford Street. Meat Liquor is situated on Welbeck Street and we were warned that there would be queuing involved since they don’t take reservations.

We arrived at about 7ish and the queue was pretty long (about 12-15 people ahead of us). We did however get little starter tasters whilst we waited outside. The onion rings were yum!

Once you’re inside the restaurant you might find the decor a tad alarming as it follows a slightly grotesque theme and is accompanied by solely red lighting and loud music (don’t expect to be able to have deep conversations here). Wires dangle from the ceiling, and the eatery’s walls are violently graffitied, it’s eerily dark and overall grungy.

I personally loved the ‘blood spattered’ walls and the New York inspired 1980’s hard rock club look they were going for. The toilets were aptly labeled chicks and d***s (sorry boys). My favourite bit of interior had to be the domed ceiling with a suited owl, bare-chested wolf (Jacob perhaps) and the grizzly bear headed woodcutter, sheer genius!

We were sent to the bar to ‘wait’ whilst we waited for a table and we decided to order the bizarre Two Girls and a Summer Cup cocktail (pun clearly intended). Alas like its themed name it really wasn’t all that pleasant.

After a really long wait we inquired about still not being seated and were informed that they had been ‘calling’ our names for while, which given the extremely loud music was a bit pointless and we obviously hadn’t heard all the way from the bar. Once we were finally seated we found it was at a table which we had to share with a couple. Needless to say they weren’t too pleased to see us sharing their space. Anyway by this point we were ravenous so we quickly ordered two chilli cheese burgers one cheese burger, fries, and chilli cheese fries between the three of us.


When the food arrived (thankfully pretty quickly), I picked up the burger and saw a massive grease spot on the tray paper (no mainstream plates in this joint, everything arrives on a huge steel tray). I had ordered the safe option i.e. the cheeseburger and found that my burger bun hadn’t been toasted or warmed up. I don’t know about you but I like my food to be hot off the stove (so to speak). I therefore sent it back for another one and found the same problem with the new burger. By then I wasn’t even hungry anymore as we had collectively stuffed our faces with their AMAZING chilli cheese fries. I recommend ordering this humongous pile of fries as it’s smothered with lashings of yummy beef chilli, cheese and jalapenos. Deliciously spicy with hot bubbly cheese and rich beef chili this is definitely one of their stronger dishes.


It’ll come as no surprise that I love desserts (viva le fat-girl-stuck-in-a-skinny-girl’s-body syndrome) and so we HAD to order something sweet afterwards. We ended up ordering something dreamy that consisted of peanut butter ice-cream and chocolate with scatterings of roasted peanuts. Very tasty except the salty peanuts didn’t really cut it for me. I did however enjoy the rest of the fatty ice-cream and admit that I scoffed more than my fair share.

The overall verdict at the end of the night was that although Meat Liquor doesn’t warrant one of the best burger statuses, you should go see for yourself as it really is one of those places you need to experience in person.


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